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"Archaeology for Kids" Workshop

Updated: Apr 5

On February 6th, Dr. Alexandra Dolea, in collaboration with HEAS and hosted by NHM in Deck 50, organised an "Archaeology for Kids" workshop aiming to spark interest of children towards science.

During the workshop, the participants were introduced to the world of archaeology, they learned about the main prehistoric and historical eras with interactive examples of representative sites, monuments, and objects.

Furthermore, they learned about ancient games and participated in several individual and team activities such as playing chariot races and gladiator games in arenas and Collosseum scale models.

The benefits of this workshop are such as fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of ancient cultures, promoting creativity and hands-on learning, and providing a unique educational experience for participants.

The vision for this and future similar events is to share the fascinating world of archaeology, history, and art with the young generation.

For personalised archaeology for children and adults workshops requests, check the Personalised Events or write an email to ilovearchaeo(at)

Partners of this event:

Photos by Alexandra Dolea. Please request permission to reuse them at ilovearchaeo(at)

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