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Open access online course: The Art of Collaboration

I proudly present the publication of "The Art of Collaboration. A collaborative course" an open access online course, "a program designed to empower women entrepreneurs with essential remote collaboration skills". 

Under the guidance of Clôd Baumgartner and Tina Lymberis, we gathered every week for 3 months and co-created & facilitated the sessions with engaging and informative content.

I co-authored the following chapters: Week 4 - Practise Clarity, Week 6 - Our Strengths & Needs, and Week 11 - Ways to Initiate Action.

Further details on the project and the 80-page course in English and Greek are available here.

Lastly, I am happy to have met a group of wonderful women with whom I connected instantly and developed various collaborations starting from this course. As a freelancer, having support is essential for further development, therefore I am very grateful for being part of "The Art of Collaboration" and looking forward to what the future brings. 

Other publications: click here

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