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Women's Health in Archaeology - 12.6.2024

Come join me at the Cycles of Empowerment - Women's Health Fest in Vienna on June 12, 2024, where I will talk about Women's Health in Archaeology.

Understanding our past roots us in the present and provides perspectives for the future. Throughout history, women have encountered unique challenges concerning their health, shaping the landscape of women's healthcare practices and the roles of female healers.

This talk will take us on a brief journey through the archaeology and history of women’s health from antiquity to modern times: from written sources like the Kahun Gynaecological Papyrus (ca. 1825 BCE) to artefacts that provide insights into the day-to-day practices of maintaining health, preventing or curing disease, and to female physicians of ancient and modern times who stood out within a male-dominated field.

This is what you can further expect:

  • Interactive Workshops

  • Explorative Sharing and Learning Circles on Women’s Mental Health in the Workplace: Engage in open discussions and collaborative learning with fellow participants.

  • Keynote by Leah Heiss: Gain insights from Leah Heiss, Associate Professor and Eva and Marc Besen International Research Chair in Design at Monash University.

  • Collaborative Discussion with Experts and You: Participate in a dynamic conversation with experts and fellow attendees on pressing topics related to women's mental health.

  • Presentation of the Results of Our Joint Program on FemCare: Join Fatoumata Ly, Olga Kokshagina (Co-founders of Ninti), and Clôd Baumgartner for the unveiling of the outcomes of our collaborative program on FemCare.

  • Celebration: Let's celebrate our collective journey towards improved mental well-being!

Details: June 12, 2024 from 15:00 to 22:00 in DAS PACKHAUS, Marxergasse 24, 1030 Wien.

Last but not least, I have tickets to give away, so contact me if you want to join and I will give you the booking details to obtain your free ticket.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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