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"Ancient forms ceramic class was really relaxing and enjoyable experience. The instructors, Alexandra and Özlem, were highly professional and knowledgeable in their field, while also bringing a fun and open approach to the classes. I appreciated their ability to make each class feel relaxed and welcoming, while also maintaining a high standard of instruction.

Throughout the course, we learned a great deal about the art and archaeology of ceramics, exploring various techniques and styles. The instructors were always willing to offer guidance and feedback, helping us to refine our skills and develop our own styles.

I would highly recommend the ceramic course to anyone interested in the combination of art and archaeology. Whether you are a beginner or have some prior experience with ceramics, I believe you will find the course to be both challenging and rewarding, with instructors who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Thank you, Alexandra and Özlem, for a wonderful experience!" Ana Marjanovic, Vienna

"I was looking for a ceramics course, and was always interested in archeology. This seemed to be the perfect mix! It helped spark my creativity and get new ideas.

Özlem and Alexandra did a great job at creating a course that is fun, creative, and educational! I really enjoyed these Monday evenings that felt like a little bubble of me-time. I would absolutely recommend this course for people who have an interest in history, good conversation and pottery." Hanae, Vienna

"I wanted to see another form of pottery, behind the most well known classical forms we know today.

I loved the presentations at the beginning and that we could follow the same techniques to create a resembling or more modern pieces.

Alexandra communicates with us in a fun but extremely skilled way, the anecdotes we discussed and laughed about in class are the things I remember the most. Definitely more that studying something similar at school or reading it in history books. Özlem was a constant presence in the class and guided us every step of the way.

I was surprised and amazed with what I learned but now I want to know more." Maria, Vienna

"The Ancient Forms courses always provided a delightful atmosphere. Alexandra and Özlem open up archaeology to the public in a creative way. Besides the insight offered on the various artefacts and the creation of replicas of them, these courses are also a good opportunity to slow down the fast pace of everyday life and to understand the connection between humans and artefacts that in the past was very different from the contemporary times characterised by the fast use and dispose of things. I also believe that through this course one can see not only differences between today's world and that of classical antiquity, but also many similarities and how ideas can travel through the centuries in different forms. ❤️" Ioana Potra, Cluj-Napoca

"Last year in October I had the pleasure of attending a semester pottery class run by Alexandra and Ozlem on the topic "Ancient Forms: body images and sexuality". My experience was better than what I had expected and here's the lowdown on why it was so cool.

First off, the class had this groovy way of teaching history – super informative yet humorous. We got to unravel the mysteries of how tattoos, body images, genitalia etc were depicted centuries ago.

The vibe in the class was just fantastic. We had this mix of people from all walks of life, spending 2 to 3 hours each week just creating art. The conversations were very engaging, touching on everything under the sun. It was like a weekly escape from the world's craziness, and I loved every minute of it.

Now, if you're thinking about trying pottery, this class is the way to go. The techniques ramp up each week, so whether you're a total newbie or kinda know your way around clay, you'll get the hang of it.

The prices were totally fair. Considering the amount of stuff we got to play with and the cool finished pieces we made (in total 6), it was a steal. Please do also note these prices include firing and glazing costs as well.

In a nutshell, this pottery class isn't just about getting your hands dirty – it's a time-traveling, soul-enriching experience. If you are looking to meet new people in the city, make art and learn a little bit of history, this is the perfect place to be." Nena Sanjay, Vienna

"I joined Alexandra's class on Valentine's day and was surprised how interesting and captivating ancient history can be. I got great insights on how the heart-form emerged (couldn’t have guessed beforehand) and what role Valentine might or might not have played; ending it with some calming clay-forming based on explained techniques and personal ideas." Corinna, Vienna

  • Ancient forms: spirits in clay
    Ancient forms: spirits in clay
    Mo., 21. Okt.
    21. Okt. 2024, 19:00 MESZ – 04. Nov. 2024, 21:20 MEZ
    commonroom, Florianigasse 54, 1080 Wien, Austria
    21. Okt. 2024, 19:00 MESZ – 04. Nov. 2024, 21:20 MEZ
    commonroom, Florianigasse 54, 1080 Wien, Austria
    Many cultures have honoured their ancestors and other spirits for thousands of years through festivals and customs. Together we will explore these traditions from antiquity until today and see how these still influence our lives.
  • Ancient forms: toys, joy & music
    Ancient forms: toys, joy & music
    Mo., 11. Nov.
    11. Nov. 2024, 19:00 MEZ – 25. Nov. 2024, 21:20 MEZ
    commonroom, Florianigasse 54, 1080 Wien, Austria
    11. Nov. 2024, 19:00 MEZ – 25. Nov. 2024, 21:20 MEZ
    commonroom, Florianigasse 54, 1080 Wien, Austria
    We will get inspired by clay toys and musical instruments during this class. These objects provide a glimpse into the joy of childhood as well as into the sounds and aesthetics of ancient times.
  • Ancient forms: festive crafts
    Ancient forms: festive crafts
    Mo., 02. Dez.
    02. Dez. 2024, 19:00 MEZ – 16. Dez. 2024, 21:20 MEZ
    commonroom, Florianigasse 54/5, 1080 Wien, Austria
    02. Dez. 2024, 19:00 MEZ – 16. Dez. 2024, 21:20 MEZ
    commonroom, Florianigasse 54/5, 1080 Wien, Austria
    Buckle up for an adventure that will transport you through the ages! We're diving headfirst into fascinating winter feasts and celebrations.
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